👇Watch this 3 min video first👇
👆Watch this 3 min video first👆
A "No Sales Pitch"
Learning Series
Restaurant Marketing with ROi
Time TBD
• Location TBD •
1000 Island & Watertown Region
Restaurant Owners
Learn how to..
Own Your Audience!
Acquire new customers, build a database and keep your business top of mind
through the proper use of
conversation marketing.
A little about me...
My business name DRTROI is what I do for you!
Digital – Redeemable – Trackable – Return – On – Investment
I help small businesses acquire new customers through unique organic and paid digital traffic strategies that keep your business top of mind and drive in customers. My strategies will help build you a huge segmented audience (database), “ that you own “ of your ideal customers so you can reach out to them whenever you want about upcoming events and promotions to drive them to your business.

Everything I do for you is tracked right down to how much revenue was driven into your register. Our campaign strategies are seeing 90+% open rates and 40-70+% click-thru-rates consistently.

Businesses now more than ever need to be focusing on building a segmented database (audience) of customers that know, love and trust their products and service. With DRTROI you finally have a way to do that and track the ROI of your digital marketing.
Who is this training for?
~ If you want to learn social marketing techniques that
deliver a trackable ROI
~ If you want to learn how to only pay once
to acquire a customer.
~ If you want to learn how to collect and use segmented data so that you can better serve new and existing customers.
~ If you want to use Facebook™ but don't know where to start.
~ If you have tried Facebook™ only to get no results.
~ If you didn't know you could implement a loyalty or business card drop program using only Facebook™! 😲
~ If you want to build an audience & database that you OWN!
So you can stop always having to rent your audiences.
~ If you're using groupon or other like sources
you absolutely need to attend!
A "must attend"
for restaurant and other 
food & beverage industry owners of any kind:
But here are a some to name a few...
🍕 Pizzeria's
🍔 Burger Houses
🥩 Steakhouses
🍻 Brew Pubs
🍷 Wineries
🥞 Diners
☕ Coffee Shops
🍴 Fast Casual
🚛 Food Trucks
🏨 Hotel's
At this training, You'll Learn...
  • How to build a huge audience of loyal customers.🔥🔥
  •  How to properly leverage the power of Facebook™ and conversation marketing.🔥
  •  Paid and Organic traffic strategies. 🔥
  •  How to digitally wire your restaurant for success online.🔥
  •  How to consistently acquire new and prospective customers every month. 🔥🔥
  • What is, why you want, and how to install the Facebook Pixel™. 🔥
  • How to get 90+% open rates and 40-70+% click-thru rates on promotions!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • The power of a "segmented" database and how to build one fast that you OWN!🔥🔥
  • How to weed out the low ticket customers and nurture your ideal high ticket customers.🔥
  • How to track and analyze your marketing so you know your ROI.🔥🔥
  • Proven restaurant ads and copy that attract the best customers!🔥
  • How to only pay ONCE to acquire a customer and stop giving all your money and profits to Groupon and other like traffic sources.🔥🔥🔥
What clients are saying about your speaker...

" It's a great opportunity to be able to work with someone with such a high level of expertise in the industry. Bill is on the the cutting edge in creative social media marketing. He is bringing our database and social media to the next level. I highly recommend his unique services! "

> Charlie - Steakhouse Owner

"We have been amazed by the dedication, persistence, and wisdom that Bill has brought to my Cafe. We highly recommend his specialized services for ANYBODY looking to expand their social media presence, obtain a faithful customer base, capitalize on new business, or expand their marketing reach and impact. A+++ all the way and HIGHLY recommended!" 

> Matt - Cafe Owner

"Bill has exceptional knowledge on how to reach and acquire customers. He is way ahead of the curve with whats working with social media marketing and especially the facebook platform. We highly recommend his services to increase new customers and maintain loyalty among existing customers. He impressed us by understanding our style and was able to design the perfect marketing creative for our business." 

> Mary - Premium Jewelry Store Manager

Hands On Training
YES!...That's right.
All value - NO Pitch!
You will be learning only at this training
and will not be subjected to a sales pitch of any kind.
You will leave this training with techniques
that you can implement in your business
Warnings About This Seminar...
WARNING #1: ONLY 10 Seats Available. This is an intimate seminar. We're not looking for hundreds of participants and fill up a hotel ballroom. For this seminar, the quality of those in the room is more important than the quantity...for this reason there is a maximum of 10 seats available.

WARNING #2: Personal, One On One Teaching. During this seminar I will be working with EACH and every single attendee personally. I'll custom build a plan of action for you to implement into your business.

WARNING #3: This Is a Working Event. This seminar is a working event...NOT a "happy, clapping, rah-rah" event. In other words, expect to WORK and get things done and complete, ready to implement into your business immediately. Also expect to be mentally exhausted at the end of the day, but in a good way. 🙂
Don't Wait. Register NOW!
Limited seats available.
Click below to register now...
I am keeping this training small so I will be able
to deliver the maximum value to all attendees
and answer any questions.
Own Your Audience!
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